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Empowering Creativity :: Igniting Potential


SchoolARTS crosses generations and disciplines to give young adults and public school students a creative, collaborative space to explore new ideas, create art, and develop innovative concepts together. In a SchoolARTS program, small groups of students work with young adults on various creative projects, over a few days or a few months. Through SchoolARTS programs, participants exercise their creative and collaborative drive to experience the successes and, yes, even the instructive failures that are an essential part of the creative process.

SchoolArts was co-founded by Andrew Bateman (co*lab) and Alex Neuman along with a handful of university students at the University of King’s College. The program is now in its 5th year running and has worked with over a thousand young adults and public school students in the Halifax area. It continues today without the help of its original founders; proof of the program’s strength, resilience, and community value.



Teams of facilitators work with students in small groups on simultaneous creative projects. Projects aim to innovate, so will differ with each facilitator. As examples, they might range from making stop-motion videos to food art or eloquent poems. It’s differentiated learning in an arts context, as students can gravitate towards the experience best suited to their learning styles. At the end of each program, an art exhibit is opened to the community to celebrate the projects developed together.



The point of the program is to inspire imaginations, bridge generations, and ignite creativity in the public school environment. And it has done this time and time again. SchoolArts has witnessed tremendous successes in engaging all of its participants in the workshops it provides, while providing a high level of professionalism and quality in its programs. School students walk away inspired to explore their own curiosities, teachers gain new insights from the process, people, and interactions, and the school in general receives a breath of fresh air.



Article in U News about the program at St. Jo’s Elementary School.