Storytelling our City
black rabbits meet colourful city stories
Black Rabbit Indoors Arts Festival

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A mapping of our city and our lives. Help Halifax discover its story during BLACK RABBIT :: a WHITE RABBIT fundraiser. Gather to explore the art of storytelling through a night of interactive investigation into our city. What is a city but a collection of its’ people, places and the stories that weave them together?



  • Please pick a place you like to be.
  • Spend some time being there in the dark & light.
  • Complete the brief & provoking postcard survey ((see facebook)) to capture the essence and stories of that place.

How do I see my city?
How do i interact with my everyday?
What story have I been telling lately?
What story do I want to be telling?



Our team will start the night off acting out stories inspired by experiences in our city. Bring your postcard to add to our huge city map and tell a tale of your Halifax.

Enlivening the senses, this evening will include everything from light hearted personal stories, to big ideas for halifax’s future. Let’s weave a mythology of our great city informed by YOU … a tale whose time it is to tell.

facebook event:

Where: Eye Level Gallery 2159 Gottingen St
When: Monday, February 20
Time: Start 6:30pm // Finish 9:00pm
Cover: $4