Waiting patiently, meeting the neighbours, chowing down

Creating a Place to Gather, Linger and Celebrate Community


Welcome to NINA’S Backyard BBQ

A weekly backyard restaurant that lives in the heart of the North End

The Menu:  BBQ Pork Belly, Wafflez, Fresh Summer Veg Slaw and a Surprise Pickled Veg

There is always variations on the pork+waffle…sometimes it’ll be a cornmeal, garlic scape and mustard waffle, maple glazed pork belly with fresh slaw. Other times it’ll be a black bean waffle with bbq jerk pork belly and kimchi. Or whatever!

All locally sourced Nova Scotian meats, grains and produce.

Come hang out, play washer toss, play crokinole, meet your neighbs, eat some BBQ.



The simple concept for Nina’s was initially born out of the minds of Al Melnyk and Greg Woolner (co*lab) in response to a feeling in the North End of Halifax.  They felt a need for a comfortable and open place where people could have affordable delicious food, meet, chat and linger.  They saw this as an opportunity to meet their own needs: a way to connect with the community, support their need for creative output and support themselves financially.  They knew their strengths lie in the culinary and hosting arts, but what about the strengths of the community?


Nina’s was open to anyone with an idea and energy to create a communal space.  The neighbourhood responded through art work installation, structure building, hosting, making signs, playing games, flower arranging, making and selling beverages, bringing sound systems and DeeJaying.  This collaboration created a feeling of shared ownership of the space and a lot of pride.  It transformed from a simple backyard restaurant where you bought food to a collaborative creative space where you bought into the community.


Thank you so much to all of those who came out and not only supported, but were dedicated to creating an inspired and beautiful space:

The Outdoor Decoration Delegation: Katie Mckay, Eva Mooers and Hannah Newton

The North Common Brewers Union

All of the North End Community

The Old and New Halifax Farmers Markets for providing all of our food.



Article in The Coast about Nina’s BBQ