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HUBventures Social Enterprise Incubation


With the HUB Halifax, we launched a pilot 6 week peer-to-peer incubator program for a few people with great ideas in Halifax.

The program was in collaboration with Halifax’s unconference 4 Days: Better City LAB of idea-sharing and idea-development for a better city, better life in Halifax.

We supported & accelerated the development of these great ideas then showcased them on ENTERPRISE day of 4 Days. This idea-incubator provided opportunity to work on strategy, connect people to resources & talent in our community and globally.

This was an opportunity to spark conversations on the new impact economy and actually participate in community-based investment. In short, this was a fun night to help local social innovators make their ideas happen with a little conversation and a little investment


step one :: A CALL FOR IDEAS

Open to all the Halifax community, we put out a call for ideas using social media, traditional media and – more of all – word of mouth. 50 people gathered at the HUB Halifax. Some people came to pitch their idea to the crowd – others came to hear ideas and do their part to kick-start the ideas they liked. After 40 second pitches, the group voted for the top 9 ideas to participate in the 6 week peer-to-peer incubator program. Ideas ranged from organic pop-up food stands to clay pavement to multi-arts festivals for at-risk youth.


The program included weekly evening gatherings to explore visual thinking techniques, peer-to-peer concept development, the Business Model Canvass, and business-pitch mentoring with local experts. Week to week we crafted the program’s design with input from participants on their NEEDS. The program ended with a *bang during ENTERPRISE night of 4 Days, Halifax’s idea unconference for a Better City, Better Life in Halifax.


step three :: THE BIG NIGHT

In a local micro-brewery, participants gathered with 100 people from our community for a night of pitching, local investment and local beer!

Your Ticket is an Investment //
Ticket cost: $30. Of this: $5 went to event. More importantly: $25 was returned to you in “local investment chips”. Perhaps even more importantly: you received a curiously blank slip of paper. This we describe below.

Learning about the Impact Economy in Halifax //
Quick presentations painted the picture of Halifax’s entrepreneurial and social impact economy. We heard from the HUB, the Coast, and the Greater Halifax Partnership.

Ideas from Incubator give Elevator Pitch to YOU //
Each person who participated in theĀ  idea-incubator gave their elevator pitch to the audience.

Invest in your own Backyard //
You learned about the impact economy in Halifax. You heard great entrepreneurial ideas for a better city, better life in Halifax. You had local investment chips & that curiously blank piece of paper in your pocket.

Time was then given for networking and asking each entrepreneur further questions one-on-one. If you liked someone’s idea, you could hand them some of your chips and/or pull out that curiously blank piece of paper and a pen – dedicate a few hours of your skills to an entrepreneur. Money is one way to invest – skills, time and passion are others.

Winners Announced //
A prize package of in-kind services from a number of businesses and institutions (including Nova Scotia Community College, Halifax Club, the Mayor’s Office, the Premier’s Office) were awarded to the top entrepreneurs from the idea-incubator.