IFB principles



Showcasing the potential of a community and its common spaces


The non-profit Imagine Bloomfield is a community group working to revitalize and re-develop three defunct schools in the North End of Halifax.  The hope is to redevelop them as a mixed use development while still preserving the heritage of the original buildings and integrate the culture of the surrounding community.

Our Challenge //

Build community support and raise awareness of the issues facing the redevelopment.

The Concept //

Bringing the dreams of Imagine Bloomfield and the local community to life for one day. Organize a community festival where businesses, artists, and neighbourhood groups would bring the site to life for a day, demonstrating the vibrant and thriving community that exists.  An interactive event that would showcase the potential of this site as a mixed-use community hub, garner more support for the Imagine Bloomfield mandate, and build momentum for the redevelopment phase.

Outcome //

Attendance: 600+ <<diverse stakeholders / attendees like families, neighbourhood residents, users of Bloomfield, organizations interested in the space, youth, artists) >>

Marketplace: Over 30 Local vendors and future site stakeholders had the opportunity to sell products and showcase or demonstrate their services. (Including food, crafts, fashion, non-profits, etc)

Workshops: Music, visual and interactive art, health awareness, food sovereignty, dance, yoga, massage and meditation.

Raised Awareness: Members of the community put up these posters in their windows to show support a collaborative development, between developers, the city and the residents.  Hundreds of posters were hung in living room windows around the city.