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Halifax’s streets and hidden spaces come to life for NOCTURNE: Art at Night Festival


Led by Breakhouse Inc, our team constructed massive, light-up letters spelling HFX? to be a visual trigger for people to know they are about to be engaged in questions about the future of our city. Transforming the urban setting, we set-up in a publically-owned space (normally used as a parking lot ). When vacant of cars, this central, public site offers endless possibilities – especially with a lens of art, community activities & downtown revitalization.

We created an inviting space to linger with seating, hot apple cider and decorated by huge colourful letters.  People were drawn in to our space where we asked: WHAT IS YOUR IDEA FOR HALIFAX?

 What could the city also become? What could public space also be?

Some took time to think while resting and sipping cider, others grabbed a marker right away. We photographed people holding their written idea, then projected these ideas on an adjacent heritage building. Over 500 ideas were collected and displayed throughout the night.  The letters have been used since to parade around the city and at events as an icon for authentic and creative inquiry into our city.