KY - 20068

We gathered strangers for 100 minutes, collected $100 and challenged them to dream up ideas for Halifax and then act!

4FUNDS was an event that brought together strangers for an afternoon to create social impact experiments in Halifax. Each participant brough $20  + an openness to work proactively in teams + fresh ideas for social impact in the city. Collaborating with the Pepsi Refresh ProjectDreamNow, and the Hub Halifax , we pooled each participant’s $20 registration fee to provide a collective project budget of $100 per team. Each team had to come to consensus as to the best and most creative use of their budget and then execute this idea in just 100 minutes.

The premise for the organizing team was “What can we do when we gather with some ‘skin in the game’ to invest in our futures and the now by working together in a confined amount of time to challenge ourselves to act?”   At the end of the day we saw some exciting interactive urban projects come to fruition.

To learn more about the outcomes check out the SPACING Magazine coverage.